Tennessee football gets extension from NCAA in Jeremy Pruitt scandal

Jeremy Pruitt babysitter added to Tennessee football recruiting scandal

Add Jeremy Pruitt’s babysitter to the alleged culprits in the Tennessee football NCAA case, which already included his wife.

Buried in a 108-page document responding to the NCAA notice of allegations, the university mentioned that Pruitt’s babysitter was tasked with giving money to a UT player’s mother for car payments.

That’s a new revelation that was not included in the NCAA notice of allegations in July.

JEREMY PRUITT DECEIVED USTennessee responds to NCAA notice of allegations

MONEY IN CHICK-FIL-A BAGJeremy Pruitt paid Tennessee football parent with cash in restaurant bag, NOA reveals

That initial report alleged that almost $60,000 of cash or gifts were provided to players and their families by Pruitt, the fired UT coach, and wife Casey; assistant coaches Derrick Ansley, Shelton Felton and Brian Niedermeyer; recruiting staff members Drew Hughes, Bethany Gunn and Chantryce Boone; and an unnamed booster from 2018-21.

The NCAA alleged they committed 18 Level 1 violations, the most serious in its four-tier system.

According to UT’s response to the NCAA, Jeremy Pruitt paid $6,000 to a recruit’s mother for a down payment on a 2017 Nissan Armada. He promised the payment during a recruiting visit in fall 2018 and paid the $6,000 on Dec. 26, 2018.

The unnamed player’s mother told investigators that Pruitt told her to “pick whatever I want and he’ll make the payment.” Investigators confirmed it through the car dealership.

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