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Shaquille O’Neal, Who Falsely Claimed to Have Slept With Venus Williams, Got a ‘Whooping’ by 5ft 9” Serena Williams on Court

Shaquille O’Neal has lived most of his life without actually fearing anyone other than his father. When you are 7ft 1″ and weigh almost 33o lbs, fear is not a regular emotion. But the lack of fear can make a man do a lot of foolish things. Shaq has committed his fair share of such foolish things. One such act by Shaq included his claim that he slept with Tennis legend, Venus Williams. However, this lie didn’t make him stop from trying to play tennis with Venus’ sister Serena Williams.

Shaquille O’Neal is a big name. And successful stars like him often do legendary things. So, when he claimed to have slept with Venus William, he imagined he’d not face any backlash.

But Venus is a legend in her own right. When O’Neal told this devastating lie, she publicly called him out for it. And then he went on to play tennis with his sister Serena.

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Serena Williams and Shaquille O’Neal goofed around on the Tennis court

Venus’s sister Serena, after the whole Shaq lying controversy, thing to play with the legendary center. In an epic video, the two took the tennis court. And O’Neal was schooled by Williams. The legendary tennis star tried to get Shaq to play properly but the big man is definitely not meant for the sport.

A humongous O’Neal was barely able to move around, though he remained goofy and entertaining throughout. Serena, who is 5ft 9′, more than a foot shorter than O’Neal, played along and tried to teach Shaq a few things. And at the end, he did get a few overhead smashes perfectly.

Only if he had handled the situation with Venus better. There’s much reason to believe that he offended the older Williams.

Venus Williams wasn’t impressed by Shaq’s lie

After Shaquille O’Neal’s claim, Venus released a statement. In it, she shared her disappointment with Diesel’s obscene and unsubstantiated comments. Williams also claimed that she had only met O’Neal once in her life.

Venus: “I categorically and unequivocally deny that I have ever had a sexual relationship with Shaquille O’Neal. I don’t even know him. I’ve only met Shaquille once a few years ago, when attending an LA Lakers game. If Shaquille made the statement as a joke, it was in very bad taste, and I am definitely offended. I think that he should use better judgment in the future, particularly where one’s reputation is concerned.”

Shaq later apologized and explained that he was merely joking and meant no harm to the tennis star. Perhaps O’Neal’s apology set everything straight with the Williams family because the Lakers legend ended up playing tennis with her sister.

Do you think Serena’s older sister Venus Williams has forgiven Shaq?

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