Iga Swiatek's sports psychologist weighs in on 'new Williams and Federer' talk

Iga Swiatek’s sports psychologist weighs in on ‘new Williams and Federer’ talk

Iga Swiatek’s sports psychologist Daria Abramowicz says high expectations can motivate a player but also have a very negative impact, depending on how the player takes it. In the women’s game, world No 1 Swiatek has established herself as the most dominant player and the new face of women’s tennis.

In men’s tennis, 19-year-old Carlos Alcaraz looks like someone who will dominate for a very long time. With Serena Williams and Roger Federer retiring from tennis, some are labeling Swiatek and Alcaraz as “the new Williams and Federer.”

“It depends. Such messages can be very motivating and encourage further work. They can also be a burden, generate a sense of the need to meet the expectations of one’s own or other people,” Abramowicz told Dominik Senkowski.

Abramowicz on if expectations will increase on Swiatek in 2023

In 2022, Swiatek enjoyed one of the most dominant seasons in recent years. This year, Swiatek won two Grand Slam titles and there was a period between February and July during which she went 37 matches without a loss.

“I do not have a crystal ball, I cannot answer. I can say one thing – it is important to build a stable, healthy and sustainable career. It is necessary to focus on ourselves, on what we have influence. We have an influence on using skills, correcting some mistakes, using the team’s knowledge, using our potential.

The key will be to ‘do your own thing’ and stay focused on work,” Abramowicz said.

During the US Open and San Diego Open, Swiatek drew negative attention to herself when she seemingly tried to distract her opponents by waving her hands at the net.

In a recent interview, Swiatek said she did it unconsciously and described it as a stress reaction. “It is for example visualization. Constructing images, the context of the whole situation and then replacing the actual state with a movement pattern that is simply optimal at a given moment.

In addition, of course, we are also looking at pressure management and search for the sources of the impulse that arises,” Abramowicz explained.

Meanwhile, Swiatek is currently resting after a very demanding 2022 season.

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