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“I don’t like surprises”: Michael Jordan’s $2000 Gesture for Serena Williams In Australia, Took Her by Surprise

If you want to know who the greatest athlete in sport is, you will most likely start a debate that will end in a fight. The answers can vary from Michael Jordan to Tom Brady. But when it comes to Tennis, the answer might almost indisputably be Serena Williams.

The legend has won a record 23 grand slams and is head and shoulders above everyone else in the game. Even from the men’s record holders, the closest is Rafael Nadal with 22.

Serena is undoubtedly the best ever to hold a racket. And when she beat her sister Venus to lift her 23rd title, she got a very special gift from no.23 himself. No, not LeBron James, Michael Jordan!

The Bulls legend admired her greatness from afar but when he knew she could win a title no. 23, he had to show her some love and respect.

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Serena Williams wins Grand Slam no.23 and gets a gift from NBA’s greatest 23

2017, Melbourne, Australia, Serena Williams has just won her 7th Australian Open title and she is being cheered on by thousands and thousands. She was told that there was a gift from His Airness. As the box was presented to her, she simply said, “I don’t like surprises”. We guess it’s the anticipation that she doesn’t like more than anything.

She opened up the box from Nike and read aloud a letter from MJ himself. Jordan wrote, “Winning is hard, it takes years of hard work, mental toughness, and a willingness to accept the fact that you hate to lose. Congratulations with much respect on winning No. 23. It will be a privilege to keep watching your determination on the court. Your friend, Michael Jordan.”

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What was in the box?

Serena got two pairs of shoes, a black and pink AJ1s, and a special red and black AJ1s, which were exclusively for her. No. 23 was also inscribed on the shoes. She even changed into them quickly and gave the fans a glimpse at her gift. One of the shoes now retails for a cool $2000 dollars.

Of course, for Michael, we suspect it didn’t even cost a dime. To see him tipping his hat to such a great warmed our hearts. And as for Williams, we reckon she loved that moment quite a bit.

She took a few pictures with the trophy and the shoes and even pointed at them. Although the finger could be pointed at the no.23 rather than the shoe itself. But a cool thing to do nonetheless. What do you think of this gesture?

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