LSU's Olivia Dunne Is Ready For Tennessee, Harry Styles Crushes A Golf Ball & Bills Logos Painted On Front Yards - OutKick

LSU’s Olivia Dunne Is Ready For Tennessee, Harry Styles Crushes A Golf Ball & Bills Logos Painted On Front Yards – OutKick

Screencaps needs….

• Brian A. writes:

It’s time. Screencaps needs its header on Outkick. It’s a part of Outkick Lore. And before you say “the culture link” is how you access it, it is still hard to find. I was busy today and when I got back online tonight it was hard to find screencaps!

Get a Screencaps link on that main page. And get some Screencaps merch. You’ve earned it. You’ve got seniority. You’ve created a merch channel for them with the Thursday Night Mowing League. Screencaps needs its own merch channel. Tell them you want it. DBAP for us all! The quality of the merch I’ve bought from Outkick is great. I proudly wear it. And would love to wear a Screencaps shirt as well. You’ve earned it!

I do at least these four things every workday morning:

1) 7:00AM EST – Turn on the Adam Carolla Show on YouTube (when it’s out there) and watch/listen as I wake up and get ready for the day. If there’s not one out there I’ll watch Fox News

2) 7:30AM EST – Shower and make a pot of coffee that is blacker than a black hole (Aldi brand classic roast 2x what most people use)

3) 7:45AM EST – Start working from home. Answer emails, Slack (hate it), review prior day transactions, etc.

4) 9:30AM EST – Read screencaps – this is the highlight of my morning, better than my black tar coffee by a smidge.

You should get Clay to hook you up to do a 20 min segment with Adam on his show. I think it would be epic.

Keep up the great work!

First of all, I love Brian’s passion and his desire to improve the Screencaps experience. I just want to make sure you guys understand that on your phone, the latest edition of Screencaps will either be at the very top of the scroll or under the “Screencaps” header below the “Culture” section.

Trust me, it’s there.

And it would be an honor to be anywhere near Adam Carolla on a microphone.

I need your Screencaps t-shirt ideas

What should a Screencaps t-shirt look like? Does it need a slogan?

Let’s hear your ideas. I can have the artwork done.


• John in San Diego writes:

  1. Richard Sherman needs to learn to relax.
  2. How are Wilson and Ryan two of the worst QBs in the league now? Here’s looking at you Baker Mayfield!
  3. How come Charissa Thompson doesn’t make the IG real?
  4. Kirk Herbstreit wasn’t prepared again and forgot about NFL overtime and rules.
  5. Look at how close the horrible stats were for both teams last night.
  6. The former OSU Buckeyes had a great game.

Kirk Herbstreit’s lack of NFL history is becoming an issue in his relationship with Al Michaels. Instead of saying something dumb, it feels like Herbstreit just gets quiet when Al tries to lead him into dropping some knowledge about the NFL.

Disclaimer: I really like Herbstreit and think he’s a great college broadcaster, but he’s built for college. His father was an assistant for Woody Hayes. His brain is filled with college football history and lore. He’s born and bred into the college game and lacks the ability to riff on random NFL stuff that happened 25 years ago and it’s an issue.

In turn, the broadcast comes off as uninteresting and lacking excitement in the booth. Herbie is sitting there trying to prevent himself from becoming a meme. The good news is that Kirk is 53 and he can fill up his NFL knowledge bucket for a decade and become a machine.

* John also wanted everyone to see the mower on the field. Was it actually Friday morning in Denver by the time the stadium was emptied?

Danny W. flew over the neighborhood the other night

It’s just another day around here. Danny W. is a pilot sitting there in the plane thinking of Screencaps when he’s flying over Toledo. I’m thinking Perrysburg is mixed in with the metro lights and that’s Bowling Green with the decent amount of light due south of Toledo.

And you’ll see Cleveland way out to the east looking orange.

I wasn’t planning on showing more garage fridges, but my friend Will posted a nice one on Instagram

Fox Charlotte sports guy Will Kunkel (@WillKunkelFOX), who used to work here in Toledo, is an old friend of the program. Thursday, I’m sitting here perusing his Instagram Story when all of a sudden a beautiful fridge shows up all organized, which gave off serial killer vibes.

It turns out it’s Kunkel’s garage fridge. You’ll notice he’s using those spring-loaded drink organizer things another Screencaps reader suggested. From the look of things, this is what garage fridge serial killers are using these days.

And equally serial killer-ish is how Kunkel doesn’t have a single Bud Light in the crisper.

Kunkel’s Top 5 list from his current fridge supply (here I figured Kunkel was only drinking high-end vodka):

  1. spotted cow
  2. Sam AdamsOctoberfest
  3. Golden Monkey
  4. ranch water
  5. Mariachi Static

“The beers will get more fall oriented as the season goes,” he writes.

By the way, he’s right about the Spotted Cow. Incredible beer.

It turns out there is great satire going on via the Babylon Bee — “Do you have any vegan options?” is an incredible line

Make sure you watch this until at least the 4-minute mark when things really heat up. This is better than anything SNL has done in the last decade.

Send this to your uptight lib lib friends that need a laugh.

michigan firewood for $20

• Kenn H. in Grand Rapids, writes:

Keep the firewood discussion alive and $20 will do that.

This is a great email and should be required reading for newbies

Hey Joe,

F–king belly buttons?! Ok the shits got deep here at Screencaps. It started a war between the brotherhood of all that is Holy on the interwebs. We are all brothers, working hard, mowing on Thursdays, skimming the Instas for some photoshopped, filtered, chick with either the northern or southern hemisphere a bit more accentuated than the other.

Just because Beau does some of his best scribing after dark with an upper decker on board, such is life. Don’t judge. Unbridled ethanol-fueled rants and raves founded this Nation, the best-damned one on this planet! I know we are all here for the same reason, the best damn content on the above-said interwebs!!!

Yes, we are all Brothers here at Screencaps, we all know what Brothers do, fight and argue, and then go have many beers! Mark D. pointed out an anatomical anomaly in a smoking hottie. I believe it has brought navel awareness to new and astonishing heights more than the first Top Gun movie!

This site is an absolute reminder of the good old dive bar days when it did not matter who you were (suit and tie)or what you did (Carhartts and shit kickers)for a living, you are here for one reason, a respite from all the bullshit that makes your day suck shit. The freedom that comes from no holds barred differences of opinions and beliefs and understanding that at the end of the day, who gives a shit, you are above ground and above room temp, the beer is cold, the air is fresh and slightly smoke scented , we can go where we want, say what we want, and if you don’t like it, accept it, and have another beer! You don’t necessarily have to like or agree with an opinion, but we all have a common ground, this site, and a love for all this great Nation has graced us with. Beer, lawnmowers, debates on woodpiles, and guys sitting around and shooting the shit about most obscure shit on any website!

PS Wood burners, find a farmer with a bunch of dead fallen Ash trees (once again thank you China!). The bark is usually off, and there are enough of them fallen over each other that they are self-seasoned. Cut, split and feed the burner. Leave the ones still standing and they will fall soon enough. If you don’t know how to fell them the damn things will kill you! The bonus of Ash wood is it burns hot and the residue is minimal. As far as stacks, I cheesed out and got the Amazon ones to go over 2x4s. Cheap and does the job. No tarp on the stack, keep it bark side up and got a half cord storage in the garage to feed the pass thru to the house so it dries if damp.


From the top of the turnbuckle,

Raise Hell and Praise Dale!

Harvey D.

What an email to kickstart the weekend. Harvey D. has been coming on strong lately and this email is his official coming out party. The line about the dive bar will stick with me. I love the places where you walk in and there are all walks of life.

That’s Screencaps. That’s why I love mixing mowing with LinkedIn senior vice presidents. That’s why I love talking woodpiles and hearing market advice from Mark W. in Franklin, TN, who also has one of the most incredible properties on Screencaps.

I want readers on speed dial who know which way to stack wood. And I want readers on speed dial who have traversed mountaintops and some of the most beautiful places in the world.

That’s why you read. That’s why I get up in the morning. That’s why all of us can’t get enough of this column.

Now, I need to get the kids to school. It’s book-buying day in the school gym. Let’s have an incredible weekend.


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