Tiger Woods Will Soon Be Forced to Do Something He's Always Hated

Tiger Woods Will Soon Be Forced to Do Something He’s Always Hated

Tiger Woods is probably one of the best players in PGA Tour History. His skill at the sport is unmatched. Tiger values ​​his legacy and works hard to make a change. The pro golfer is a living inspiration to many. He is known for sticking to his morals. However, things might have changed slightly recently.


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Tiger Woods is known to have stated his dislike for using carts at events on multiple occasions. Rumors have surfaced concerning Tiger’s predicted use of carts in the PNC Championship. His recent accident has made things change for the pro golfer.


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Tiger Woods on a Cart: Yes or No?

Tiger Woods has been a part of the golfing world for months now. The pro golfer has had a long history of winning as well as declining the use of carts on the course.

However, things have changed for Woods. The pro golfer met with an accident a few months ago. The images of the crash stunned the sports world. The star player severely injured his right leg and foot. Although many people from the Sports World speculated this to be the end of Woods’ career in golf, he chose to fight his limitations.

Although this fight has not been all too easy on Woods. The aftermath of the accident took a toll on Woods’s golfing career. The pro golfer who was once completely against the use of carts is now suspected to use it in the coming Tour.

ORLANDO, FLORIDA – DECEMBER 17: Tiger Woods and Erica Herman ride in a cart prior to the Pro-Am ahead of the PNC Championship at the Ritz Carlton Golf Club Grande Lakes on December 17, 2021, in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images)

Tiger Woods was asked if he’d ever make the use of carts in an official event of the Tour. He said, “No. I wouldn’t, no. No. Absolutely not. Not for a PGA Tour event, no. That’s just not who I am. That’s not how I’ve always been, and if I can’t play at that level, I can’t play at that level.”

Twitter was also not so far behind in sharing its opinion on Tiger’s use of carts. One user even went on to say, “Competitor at heart and won’t cart.”


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Even though Twitter had diverse opinions on the issue, Tiger’s injury has probably taken away a lot from him and the golfing world.

Tiger and his first coach ever


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As a matter of fact, Tiger’s first coach, Rudy Duran did not expect things to turn out for him the way they did when he was younger. Although he did know Tiger was good at the game, he did not expect him to grow up into the “Tiger Woods” he is today.

Tiger Woods won the Masters with an 18 under par. Courtesy: Getty Images

Rudy once shared his opinions about Tiger’s future when he was younger. He said, “I never really had the thought that he was going to change the game. I never thought I could see the future…he is really good…He beats everyone in his age group.”

Tiger strived to prove everyone’s expectations wrong and rose up the stairs of success.

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