"I Saw You" - Derek Jeter Once Mocked Serena Williams' Decision to Go Against the New York Yankees While He Was Still Playing

“I Saw You” – Derek Jeter Once Mocked Serena Williams’ Decision to Go Against the New York Yankees While He Was Still Playing

When athletes of different games get together, there is bound to be some mocking and reminders of some beautiful and harsh times alike. That’s what happened when the legends Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter, and Serena Williams sat together for an interview and talked about multiple things. All three legends’ dominance in their games overlapped in the late 90s and early 2000s.


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One of the things discussed was when those legends talked about their dynasties. At the time that interview happened, the NBA legend had already retired a year before, but the other two were still playing. While Jeter played for another decade, the tennis star retired very recently, earlier this year.


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The baseball shortstop got the time to mock the tennis legend while she was in Florida and decided to go watch a baseball game between the Marlins and Jeter’s New York Yankees.

Derek Jeter put Williams on the spot!!

When the athletes got asked to talk about their dynasties, it was the shortstop’s chance to speak. He said that he’d seen Serena Williams at a game rooting for the Marlins.

Derek Jeter saw the tennis legend rooting for the opposition team while the Yankees were playing against the Marlins. So when he plainly questioned seeing her rooting for the Marlins, she simply said that she was already in Florida; and so went to the game.

Then, Jeter said, “You were rooting for the Marlins, I saw you.” To this, Williams had to save herself at the point and said, “I was rooting for baseball.”


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The Yankees shortstop had the once-in-a-lifetime chance, and he took it. After all, chances like these do not come frequently.

What could Jeter and Williams not live without?

There was another question that they got asked about. It was the one thing that they could not live without. And both the athletes had the same answer, family.


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All three of them went on to have great careers and achieved great heights in their respective games. Jeter got retired in 2014, and four years later, got inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame.

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