QB Tyler Van Dyke is confident Miami's offense can find answers after the bye week

QB Tyler Van Dyke is confident Miami’s offense can find answers after the bye week

miami quarterback Tyler Van Dyke is looking forward to the opportunity to move forward from the Middle Tennessee State loss this week with a home game against North Carolina.

Van Dyke experienced his toughest outing as UM’s starter against MTSU, throwing for 138 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions while completing 16-of-32 passes. As the game progressed, the crowd at Hard Rock Stadium boo’d the performance.

UM had a bye week this past week to find answers for an offense that has struggled to find consistency in the passing game. The process of finding those answers started with in-depth film sessions with offensive coordinator Josh Gattis and quarterbacks coach Frank Ponce.

“We have been meeting a lot more,” Van Dyke said. “Getting into the meeting rooms together and watching the film and telling them what I like and what I don’t like and try to get that comfortable feeling with them on what type of players we should be running. Just being more with them instead of watching film on my own. Getting in the meeting room and trying to get better with them.”

Van Dyke also used the bye week as an opportunity to clean up his fundamentals as he looks to make the routine throws that have gotten away from him at times this season on a more consistent basis.

“There is a few fundamental things that I worked on last week and got a lot better from it.”

In 2021, Van Dyke showed the ability to push the ball downfield at a high level, completing 24-of-65 deep ball shots for 932 yards with nine touchdowns and two interceptions. He attempted a deep shot on 19.9 percent of his attempts. Through four games of this 2022 season, Van Dyke has completed 4-of-11 deep ball shots while attempting a shot on 9.4 percent of his throws.

Van Dyke explained why the deep passing game hasn’t had many opportunities this season.

“We have been getting a lot of soft coverage, so we have to take what they give us,” Van Dyke said. “When they start coming up, we have to hit the deep shots and hit those double moves. When the time comes, we have to hit them.”

How about upping the tempo of the offense? Is that an area that has been explored?

“We have to hit more deep plays and more explosive plays for that to happen,” Van Dyke said. “Once you get that 20 yard gain, we will go fast just to get the defense discombobulated. We are not moving the ball and there is no way we can go tempo. We have to get more explosive plays in order to go tempo and that is what we are working on.”

What does Van Dyke think about the boos from the fanbase? He understands it is part of the game.

“The fans are very passionate about Miami Hurricanes football and you have to get the job done here,” Van Dyke said. “It was rough, but that is how it goes and that is what I signed up for.”

Van Dyke’s teammates have confidence that the passing game will find some answers this week.

“He is a baller,” tight end Will Mallory said of Van Dyke. “He is a stud. I am with him all the way and everyone else is too.”

Van Dyke is ready to put the MTSU game behind him and focus on the upcoming ACC schedule.

“It was a rough day for me and the offense and you just have to move on from it,” Van Dyke said. “You have to learn from that experience and come back and work harder and get better from it. That is what we did last week. We had a really good week last week as an offense and we are trying to build on that and stack these days and do it on Saturdays.”

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