College Football QB Power Rankings: Drake Maye rises to No. 2 as Bryce Young injury causes top-five shakeup

College Football QB Power Rankings: Drake Maye rises to No. 2 as Bryce Young injury causes top-five shakeup

Nick Saban made me angry on Saturday, which I suppose is perfectly fair seeing how he gets angry with the media regularly, and turnabout is fair play. After No. 1 Alabama’s 43-20 win over Arkansas in which his Heisman-winning quarterback missed over half the game with a shoulder injury, Saban displayed his usual gruffness after the game when immediately asked about Bryce Young.

On the one hand, I understood his point of view. His team had just won on the road by 23 points against a good team despite its starting QB getting hurt, and he wanted to gas the rest of the team up, as a good coach does. On the other hand, this is Bryce Young. He won the Heisman. He’s a big deal. Of course people will want to know his status. The world is accustomed to seeing Alabama destroy SEC teams, but it’s not as used to seeing a star player go down with a shoulder injury.

But that isn’t what got my dander up. It was what he said when he finally did feel like addressing the injury. He said too much. Emphasis my own.

“We didn’t think he could go back in the game today because I don’t think he had much steam on throwing the ball,” said Saban. “He’s had these beforeand in a few days, he starts to respond pretty well, so we’ll just have to see how it goes and play it day-to-day.”

Nick, your starting QB might be the No. 1 pick in the draft next spring. Even if he doesn’t go No. 1 overall, he’s in the running to be the first QB chosen. However, the NFL Draft process will pick him apart endlessly while looking for weaknesses. One of the biggest concerns about Young is his size and how his sleight frame will hold up at the next level. Fair or not, it’s a question every NFL team evaluating him has.

So when he insults his shoulder on an ordinary play, and after the game you say, “he’s had these before,” you’re not doing him any favors! Instead, say, “he’s a little banged up, but he’s tough as hell, so I don’t think it’ll be a long-term issue.” Telling people “he’s had these before” only ensures you’ll be getting asked “how many times” by a lot of different people over the next few months, and who knows how that’ll impact Young’s draft stock?

It’s already impacted his standing in my QB Power Rankings. Look what you’ve done, Nick!

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You’re Almost There: Dillon Gabriel, Oklahoma; Todd Centeio, James Madison; Sam Hartman, WakeForest; Jaren Hall, BYU; Taulia Tagovailoa, Maryland; Garrett Shrader, Syracuse

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