Would high schoolers getting drafted to the NBA hurt NCAA hoops?

Would high schoolers getting drafted to the NBA hurt NCAA hoops?

Blake Schuster: Oh s***

Charles Curtis: it’s happppppppppppppening. that mental health thing is great

Caroline Darney: Oh hell yes let’s gooooo

Blake: Bronny James skipping college?

Bryan Kalbrosky: FWIW, Bronny James is expected to take the college route.

Andy Nesbitt: RIP, college hoops. it was a good run!

Carolina: WE’LL BE FINE, ANDY (I think like maybe 2 guys if that go a year)

Brian: I think it will be significantly more than that.

Carolina: That get drafted???

Charles: You’ve got overseas, G League, 18 year-olds getting drafted

Carolina: I still think college will be the best option for most of them. Especially with NIL. Overseas and G league exist now.

Charles: But they’ll make A LOT more in NBA

Brian: People are going overseas, G league and Elite because they can’t go to the NBA.

Andy: College hoops will quickly be like old rotary phones on your kitchen wall

Charles: College hoops may still be fine? I dunno. Like the star power may go down but still.

Andy: I’d argue college hoops has been far from fine for years

Blake: Ochai Agbaji, Frank Mason and Devonte Graham all had like non-existent recruitments until Bill Self found them. Kansas probably just gonna win even more titles now.

Carolina: College hoops are gonna be fine

Andy: They’ll still have March, but yeah, rip to the rest!

Blake: Big thing for college basketball this time around is that the NCAA allows players to go to the combine/declare for the draft and get feedback. So it’s not like these kids HAVE to commit to the draft until they know for sure they’re gonna be selected.

Brian: I mean four years players still exist. I loved Payton Pritchard at Oregon. Blake loved all of myriad of Kansas players who did four years in Lawrence then did nothing in the NBA

Blake: They all got rings at KU. It’s not our fault Sacramento kept drafting them. I really don’t think we’re gonna see a noticeable drop-off in college. Not with NIL, etc. This is only gonna help the top 0.5 percent of players.

Carolina: Like 2-4 guys have gone pro (g-league/overseas) per year in the last….5 seasons? …I’m not super concerned. You don’t have Zion and Cade maybe?

Prince J. Grimes: College hoops might be better off IMO. players stay, teams build an identity

Carolina: Yeah per year in the Top 25. I’m with Prince. This could help college. More continuity.

Blake: I think the change in CBB is marginal at best. I don’t know if it helps or hurts.

Carolina: I think marginal, potential to help. NIL counters any big hurt IMO.

Andy: Stay in college two years get to avoid the NBA. If you’re in college for over two years you’re looking at a pro career overseas.

Carolina: That’s patently false but ok.

Andy: I think it’s mostly true but i have no stats anywhere near me.

Blake: Yeah, no one even knows what happened to that Marcus Smart guy after he left Oklahoma State.

Andy: Exactly, that’s why I said mostly!

Carolina: Or Malcolm Brogdon where has he been since 2016?

Prince: On the injured list.

Christian D’Andrea: dead.

Carolina: We just re-adjust talent level expectations for college. you don’t have a Zion, but that doesn’t bother me.

Andy: As a casual fan not having a Zion is pretty big to me!

Brian: I mean college is obviously still a viable path lol. there are tons of players who make it to the NBA after playing several years in school.

Blake: Ja Morant. Two year guy at Murray State. No one has ever heard of him since.

Charles: As a fellow casual, I will not watch college til March.

Carolina: As a die-hard college fan, I’m not too worried. (I am tired of catering NCAA to casual fans, but that’s another argument for another day and has been a long standing gripe of mine)

Andy: I’ll start watching around the Sweet 16, unless some Cinderellas get through then I’ll wait or Final Four.

Christian: Andy’s gonna wake up with slashed tires next week and there’s gonna be a litany of Top Gun-related clues as to who did it.


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