Bizkaia PGAe Open, triple tie in third position

Bizkaia PGAe Open, triple tie in third position

Luis Claverie has had a dream season since he won the Costa Teguise Championship PGA de Canarias last April. Turning 51 years old last June, and after presenting himself to the previous rounds of the European Senior Circuit, the Tenerife native has arrived at the BizKaia PGAEe Open with unusual strength and for the moment has imposed his law on the public Meaztegi Golf course.

The sixth test of the 50th Anniversary PGA Spain Golf Tour, the national circuit of the PGA of Spain, is turning out to be a successful participation, with more than 120 registered players; and organization by conserving in perfect condition a naturally irrigated field severely affected by the drought.

Bizkaia PGAe Open, results

But Claverie, who started in the first games of the morning, is not only at the top of the table, he is accompanied by the Catalan player, who is the current winner of the Order of Merit 2021, Alex Esmatges, who late in the afternoon With the sun already setting over La Arboleda, he signed another 65 (-7) which could have been less than not making three putts on the last hole.

“I had a long putt that I thought was going to go fast, but it fell too short and I missed the second one. But aside from this bad experience, I am playing very well, kicking very well and already recovered from my injuries.

This course has a trick and you have to know how to play it”, said the Raimat course player. A result that Luis Claverie had already established in the morning, starting three birdies on the course (10, 11, 12, since the Canary started at the 10th hole) and adding another four birdies for the second nine.

Just one mistake on hole 1, the most complicated today. “In the morning there was no wind at all and we played very calmly, and that is a different course from the day of practice and the Pro-Am, which was very windy.

I have hit very well from tee to green, I have hit the fairways and I have left very good putts”. Claverie is also the leader of the Senior classification that will also have prizes for the top three finishers. “That’s life.

We are turning years, and with these young people we have to be very fine and precise because they take us many meters away and we have to wade through it with precision and hole many putts. Seve’s design has enchanted me, and it is a great field that we did not know.

Now, we will keep it very present”, commented Luis. In second place, Marc Sabriá, a regular on the Alps and the Challenge Tour, Gerard Piris and Juan Salama from Madrid, all tied with -6, just one blow from the head.

There are barely three shots difference between the top ten finishers, which makes the second round, with wind forecast in the morning, an exciting day of golf. The cut will be made by the first forty classifieds with the most tie.

Borja Martin won the Pro-Am
The professional Borja Martín, student of José María Olazábal and who jumped into the Media two weeks ago at the XXXIV Championship of the PGA of Spain in La Faisanera by making the course record with 62 strokes, won the Pro-Am of the tournament.

He was accompanied by amateurs Aristegui Barandiaran, Jacobo; Guzman Gangoiti, Pablo; Pérez Gutiérrez, Guillermo and Picaza Urquijo, Aitor. Ariz Aduriz, an Athletic Bilbao footballer, who played in the star match with Javier Ballesteros, son of the Master of Pedreña, finished mid-table but satisfied with the experience.

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